Ritual, Votive Masses, Liturgy for the Dead

Ritual Masses

I In Conferring Sacrament of Christian Initiation

A) In the Scrutinies

B In Conferring Baptism

C) In Conferring Confirmation

II In Conferring Holy Orders

III Administering Viaticum

For the Bride and Groom (Nuptial Mass)

In Benedicton of an Abbot or Abbess

On the Day of Religious Profession or Consecration of Virgin


Masses for Various Needs and Occasions

I For the Holy Church

1. The anniversary of the Pope's Election

2. On the Anniersary of the Bishops Election

3. For the Election of Pope or Bishop

4 For Council or Synod

For the Priests

For Vocations to the Priesthood or Religious Life

For Christian Unity

For Evangelization

For Persecuted or "Vexed"  Christians

In Convents Spiritual or Pastoral


II For those in Public Service

For those who work for peace and justice

In times of war or insurgences


III In Various Secular Circumstances

Beginning of Secular Year

For the Blessing of Human Labour

In Conserendis Agris

For After the Harvest

In Time of Famine or Unemployment

For the profugis et exssulibus

For the Sick

For Any Necessity

In Thanksgiving to God


IV For Particular Necessities

For the Remission of Sins

Ad postulandam gartiam bene moriendi


Votive Masses

Of the Holy Trinity

Of the Holy Cross

Of the Holy Eucharist

Of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Of the Holy Spirit

Outside of Lent
During Lent

Of the Blessed Virgin Mary

During Lent
During Christmas
During Ordinary Time  After The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord
During Eastertide
During Ordinary Time after Pentecost

Of the Holy Angels

Of Saint Joseph

Of All (any?) Holy APpostles

During Eastertide

Of Saint Peter, Apostle


Liturgy for the Dead

I Funeral Mass or  for the Anniversary or Commemorations

2Funeral Mass for a Baptised Child

In Eastertide

3 Order of Christian Funerals

i At the Vigil

First Station: at the Home of the Deceased

The Procession to the Church

Second Station: In the church

a)Mass for the Dead
Final Commendation and Farewell
Procession to the Cemetery

Third Station: At the Cemetery


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